The various PUC courses on offer at Learners are as follows.

  • PCMB

    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Biology
  • PCMCSc

    Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Computer Science
  • Languages

    English, Kannada, Sanskrit, and Hindi

Apart from the basic courses, we do teach a lot more things.

Field visit to industries

Students are taken on field visit to software industries like Infosys for proper inspiration and motivation. The faculty of Infosys keep them engaged for the whole day, inspire and motivate the students with their innovative programs on the importance of education and learning.

Focus on communication skills

Experience has taught us that students generally are defident to clarify their doubts during teaching session on account language and communication deficiency. As such we inculcate communication skills to make good the same.

Participation in events / competitions and prizes

We motivate and inspire students to participate in the Inter collegiate competitions in debate, essay writing, singing, lecturing competitions. During the previous year our stuents a dance programme ' Krishna ' as part of Yuva Dasara / Sambhrama. We have participated in every competition that came our way and won prizes in some.

  1. Lecture competition in Maths - Sumukha P.U College - 2nd Prize in 2nd PU, and 1st Prize in 1st PU.
  2. Quiz competition on Srinivasa Ramanujam at Sumukha P.U College - 3rd Prize.
  3. Lecture competition in Physics at Marimallappa College - Consolation Prize.
  4. Quiz competition in General Maths at S.D.M College - 1st Prize.
  5. Inter collegiate debate competition - 2nd Prize

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

It is absolutely necessary to break the shackles of monotony. We organize college trips every year which are not only informative but also refreshing. As on date we have taken to Talakaadu - Shimsha and Hyderbad on short and long trips respectively.

PUC Bridge Course

It is common for the PU college faculty to blame the secondary school teachers for not having taught basics in Maths, Physics, and Chemistry properly. Infact it is true that majority of students have not got their basics properly. Besides, students from the state syllabus will be amazed and shocked when feel they are unable cope with CBSE syllabus at PU level. In this back ground we offer bridge course to students, at very nominal cost, to bridge this gulf to help such students. Now at the inception we have introduced this Bridge Course in Maths only. The TOP ten students in this course are offered attractive fee concessions if they join our collge only.

Coaching for IIT/ JEE entrance exams

We have been preparing students in a fundamental, comprehensive way so that students do well in IIT-JEE (irrespective of the pattern), Boards, KVPY and other Engineering Entrance Exams.

Motivational sessions

The sudden shift from school to college - in terms of CBSE syllabus, teaching methods and atmosphere may unnerve some students. They may feel some difficulty in the related areas of memorizing, reading or concentrating etc. We get experts in such areas of learning to our college to impart proper training. Such training sessions will boost the confidence of the students. We teach them to draw mind map on each chaplter to facilitate effective and precise memorization. Motivational sessions will be held in personality development.